Data Processing

Compatible eDiscovery Load Files – On Demand
Incredible Speed

Powered by the world's fastest processing engine, which transforms raw data into meaningful information consistently and with forensic precision.

Thousands of File Types

Our processing engine can handle file formats from legacy software to the most current.  We handle full forensic images, nested container files and email exports in all the usual formats whether it is Microsoft, Apple or Google (plus many more).

Security and Privacy

Your documents will remain private and secure in our Canadian datacentre.  Your documents will be machine processed, and the load file generated without your documents being reviewed by anyone (unless you specifically ask).

How it works

For decades, the Nuix Processing Engine has been the industry standard for eDiscovery data processing. Through Noticia, this processing is available on demand.  Simply select the processing options and upload your .zipped data to our secure portal.  You will receive a processing quote for approval, and in 48 hours (for most jobs) you will recieve a link to download your load file and processing report.
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Easy File Transfer

Secure Upload Portal

Select the processing options and upload your zipped documents.  Email, loose files, scanned documents and full computer images are all in our wheelhouse.

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Comprehensive Processing and Culling

Industry Leading Technology

All documents will be extracted and unitized, along with system and application metadata. Duplicates will be identified, and eMail threads recognized. We excludeNIST files and executables (and others if you wish).  What is left is all that is needed for a full eDiscovery loadfile.

Load File Generation

We will provide you with all your processed documents in their original format (or as images if you choose) with a load file that will allow you to import into all common eDiscovery platforms.  If you have custom needs, let us know – we are load file experts.

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Complete

Why Choose us

Clients choose to work with us because we do things differently. You are always in control, and we have competent, expert support helping you as required.
Hassle-Free ​Processing and Hosting

No commitments, no data minimums, no hassle. Get started fast and focus on what's important.

Own Your Environment

If you prefer, we can set you up with your own processing environment.  Load - Process  - Build. You're in control of your data.

Technical & Strategic Support

We have decades of experience with Nuix and know the legal process. ​We're here to support you.

Predictable Pricing

Noticia Processing brings predictability to your processing jobs. Each Standard Processing Job is only $199.00 plus $10/GB (post-processing data)

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If you have a file that needs processing or want to learn more about the service, send us a message
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