Self-Serve Processing

Compatible eDiscovery Load Files – On Demand

Noticia – powered by Nuix – makes eDiscovery processing easy.  Ensuring the integrity and authenticity of processed eDiscovery files is crucial. Using industry leading software and tested workflows, your data will be transformed into a forensically sound load file for use in your review platform.

We won't look at your documents during the processing.  Our processing is automated, fast, predictable, and fully documented.  Data in – load file out.  If you need further details about eDiscovery processing and how we can assist with your specific requirements, feel free to ask!


Noticia Processing – Powered by Nuix

eDiscovery Processing – Standard

$199.00 per job plus $10/GB

  • Original format of all processed files accompanied by extracted text files
  • Comprehensive extraction of all metadata presented in both DAT and CSV formatted load files
  • Generic sequential document identification number that maintains the sequence of sources and attachments.
  • Report detailing any processing anomalies/exceptions.
  • Processing filters to exclude NIST items and .exe file from being processed

Processing Options

Choice of eMail Output Format

No charge

  • You can choose in either a flat MHT (MHTML) format or MSG format for email
  • In the MSG format, attachments remain within the email itself, and a copy of each attachment extracted and linked in the load file
  • MHT files separate the email and attachments and have a copy of each attachment linked in the load file


No charge

  • You choose individual or family deduplication across the entire collection (all documents) or within specific custodian folders

OCR and Imaging

(Flat Rate $50.00)

Choose as many of the following as required:

  • Conversion of documents TIFF or PDF Images (excluding .xlsx)
  • (Both an LFP (Load File) and OPT will be provided with this option).
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on image files
  • Embedded OCR in PDF Images

Custom Reports/Additional Technical Services


If you need custom work, we are here to help.

Review and ECA


User our review platform for ECA or to select specific documents for export.

Self-Serve Processing

While we often provide full processing services, you may prefer to be in the driver’s seat.  If so, contact us, and we will set you up with a private SaaS processing case in Nuix – you can load, process, conduct full ECA and export on your own schedule.  You only pay for data processed and data stored in the processing case $10/GB/mo. Contact us and we will set up your case today.

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