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Noticia is the #1 provider of Nuix Discover SaaS in Canada
Nuix Discover on Mac
Nuix Discover
Incredible Speed

Powered by the world's fastest processing engine, which transforms raw data into meaningful information consistently and with forensic precision.

Nuix Discover
Enhanced Analytics

Visual analytics quickly reveal the critical details in every project and reduce the complexity and time spent in document review.

Nuix Discover
Artificial Intelligence

Visual machine learning transforms your team of 10 into 1000 as our proven algorithms quickly learn and replicate the decision logic of your subject matter experts.

Nuix + Noticia

Nuix creates innovative software that empowers organizations to simply and quickly find the truth from any data in a digital world. Leverage Nuix technology to get a competitive edge in your next case.

Fast Document Review

Review and code documents, email, social media, and audio files quickly and accurately

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Integrated Visual Analytics

Analyze keywords, concepts, timelines, and social networks in a single interface

Detailed Case Dashboards

Track case metrics, coding trends, and reviewer progress effortlessly from inside the case

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Why Choose Noticia

Clients choose to work with us because we do things differently. You are in control thanks to freedom and flexibility when desired, and competent, expert support when needed
Hassle-Free ​Hosting
Hassle-Free ​Hosting

No commitments, minimums, or mandatory training. Get started fast and focus on what's important.

Own Your Environment
Own Your Environment

It doesn't matter how many users you have or how much data you're hosting. You're in control of your data.

Technical & Strategic Support
Technical & Strategic Support

We have decades of experience with Nuix and know the legal process. ​We're here to support you.

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